The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Jeremy Kyle.
Alot of you have heard of who he is, and what his role in life is about.
He currently has a morning/daytime programme out called The Jeremy Kyle Show.
In England alone this programme has millions of viewers tuning in everyday.

Alot of people think he doesn't deserve to have the programme he is the owner of, but me personally, I think he does a brilliant job with what his doing.
Ok I understand his an ex gambler, but if you notice, his actually turned his life around and decided to do something to help people out there, who need the help and advice, I honestly do rate him for it.
His life hasn't exactly been easy.
Jeremy got accused of having s*x with a 13 month old baby girl.
Which from my eyes is completely wrong, but his walked away free, so obviously, he hasn't done anything like that. (More information under the "accused" tab.